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Granular Toolkit to be reimplemented in Jamoma


For the past 10 years the Granular Toolkit (GTK) by Nathan Wolek has been a welcome and much used extension to MaxMSP for granular synthesis and processing.

Nathan Wolek has just announced that in order to ensure future usability as well as enable the code to be used in other hosting environments, he has decided to end development of GTK in its current form, and instead reimplement as new granular components in Jamoma.

The source code for the externals in GTK will be open-surced under a BSD license, so that it remains possible to maintain the current code for projects that depends on it.

This is exciting news for Jamoma, and will certainly boost the feature sets and useability of the DSP and AudioGraph libraries. With the recent open-sourcing and inclusion of Plugtastic (wrapping AudioGraph externals into Audio Unit plugins), it also opens up exciting possibilities for creating granulation plugins in the future.


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