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I am currently a guest at the web site of Madstun with the project West coast soundscapes. I will be doing a series of field recordings at various locations in Sotra and Øygarden. The sound recordings will be posted to the Madstun blog with accompanying text and photos.


About Madstun


In August 2009 Jon Balke composer / musician and Tone Myskja video / visual artist moved with their two children to an abandoned farm with 60 acre plot at Fall by Randsfjorden in Søndre land Commune, Oppland. The farm is located on the west facing great views of Randsfjorden and Jotunheimen. The old house is now restored and developed with two units in solid wood. The house has been restored and developed in collaboration with the architect Michael Øvergaard, Norsk Massivtre AS and Energigården at Brandbu.

MADSTUN is a permanent, multidisciplinary production site for art / music / scene / text / idea / environmental technology. Madstun rent room / studio / aterlier to individuals and groups. Madstun is a cross-art venue for developement, inspiration and production. Madstun is an active production site generating projects to contribute to local development and value creation in the community. Madstun has a high profile investment in sustainable energy solutions. They want to develop this abandoned place into a vibrant center for art production, art and creative processes that also include art-theori, philosophy, ecology, ecosophy, and other disciplines.


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