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Level metering in multichannel speaker setups


This is a quick demo of a simple Max patch I’ve made to test the speaker setup for the stage production “Urmakarens Hjarte” by Miriam Prest√ły Lie and Torkil Sandsund. The play will be touring Norway later this spring.

Here it’s mainly used to ensure that all channels are working properly and connected to the right speaker, but as I try indicate ate the end by scrolling quickly through channels, I believe that this would be a worthwhile approach to visualize sound levels for metering during performance when using multiple speakers.

If so it would probably be more useful to implement it in Jitter rather than by modifying button attributes, which is what I’m doing at the moment. Also it would be nice to have it developed as a SpatDIF-compliant Jamoma module that could adjust the number of speakers and their positions on the fly in response to the prescribed loudspeaker setup.


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