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Commisioned work for Desibel



Saturday last week Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum opened in Førde. For the opening I was commissioned to write a piece for the Desibel horn and brass quintet.


The Desibel horn was made in 2009 for the Vevring festival in 2009 with original music by Maja Ratkje. The credits back then were:

Composer: Maja S. K. Ratkje
Sculpture: Geir Hjetland
Engineering: Bjørn Kolbrek
Producer: Torkil Sandsund og Wenche Wefring
Consultants: Robin Støckert/ Soundscape studios and Harald Fetvedt

Later on Magne Furuholmen (and now me) have made music/sound for the horn.

The brass quintet for the opening of the museum consisted of district musicians from the Sogn og Fjordane county.



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