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Fabulous SEAS AV-1 loudspeakers



Back in May, when I was doing a project in the anechoic chamber at the SEAS loudspeaker factory in Moss, I was gifted a pair of AV-1 speakers as well as an AV-230 amplifier.

This weekend I finally had the time to test them thoroughly. Considering the small size of speakers and amplifier, I expected them to sound thin and without much volume, but I am utterly stunned by what I hear. They are of course not able to reproduce the deepest frequency, but in general the volume, frequency response and sound quality is nothing less than impressive.

Considering their sound reproduction quality, small size (12×12×12 cm), minimal weight (0.9 kg) and beautiful white finish these speakers are a secret waiting to be discovered by sound artists and gallery spaces around Norway. I’m certainly about to get some more!


Laptop, speakers and amplifier with power adapter.
The speakers can be on stands as here, or be mounted on a wall.


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