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Documenting Dialogue - Transition


The last week has been spent mainly making web documentation for the installation “Dialogue – Transition” in Kristiansand in March. They are still not entirely done but they are getting closer.

I’ve been experimenting a bit with how to do the documentation. Some of the techniques used are:

It has taken a lot of time to do this. On the other hand I’ve spent quite some time with the material of Jeremy and Jon Arne this week. We will be doing a new installation in Trondheim in September so in a sense this has been a way of preparing myself for further development.

It’s interesting to see how Jon Arne is displaying the actual techniques involved in making the paintings the act of spray painting splashing paint using a spattle to smear the paint out etc. Me I’ve tried to hide the techniques used for making the sound for most of the projects I’ve been doing so far. While a lot of new media art tends to focus thematicly estethicly and/or conseptually on the techniques involved I’ve attempted to hide them. It has mainly been a mean to an end and I’ve been afraid that if the technique is emphasised to much in the presentation to the audience it might get in the way of what I really want to express the works ending up being some sort of a technological fetishism. With Jon Arne’s paintings the impression of exposing the technique is rather a communication of the sheer joy of painting.


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