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MusicSpace brings the power of constraint propagation algorithms to the real-time control of musical parameters. This new version substantially improves the original one (no longer distributed), by being totally open (any Max parameter can be controlled), and by bringing an improved constraint propagation algorithm. MusicSpace can be used to control any spatialisation parameter (see the video which shows MusicSpace controlling Ircam’s spat), but also also music mixing (see the Beatles remix), as well as effects control or even real time control of synthesis parameters. MusicSpace is available for free as a Max Java (mxj) object, as well as several example patches and demonstration videos from:



Mikhail Malt and Emmanuel Jourdan have announced a public beta of Zsa.Descriptors, a library of MSP externals for a library for real-time sound descriptors analysis. Grab it here

Zsa.Descriptors is currently Mac OSX only, although several other 3rd party developers hvae offered assistance towards compiling it for Windows as well.

I have not yet had the time to look into it and see how the list of analysers/descriptors match the analysis done as part of CataRT. Still, the basic fact that CataRT is based on FTM and Gabor while Zsa.Descriptors are implemented in the standard MSP externals way is more than enough to warrant that both are valuable additions to the toolbox.


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