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Movement and space II


Yesterday’s session with the dancers lasted 16-21 PM five intense and very productive hours. I was completely exhausted afterwards. I didn’t want to give up on ambisonics yet so I tried the MaxMSP external ambipan~. It worked a lot better than the Bidule/AU setup the day before. We also used binary gating of signals to various loudspeakers. When working on loudspeakers as physical objects this tended to work much better.

Several very good improvisations.

We also continued working on physical movement of sounds. This kind of movements of course are also relating to the physical and gestural character of the sounds. The last thing we did was improvising using the sound I made for the Elektropoesia installation in collaboration with Kurt Ralske. This contains a lot of large and physical movements of sound around the space. Although the sounds of that projects of course do not belong in this project I though it could be useful as an exercise. I was surprised at how well the feeling of the soundscape was maintained in spite of using a completely different loudspeaker setup. It was good hearing it again the week after the opening of Electrohype was so busy that I didn’t really get the time I needed to think back and digest what me and Kurt had done. Listening to it I really missed Kurt’s video they seemed completely linked to each other now.

The final improvisation didn’t work to well. The dancers were supposed to work on certain movements and elements and it seemed to hamper their ability to respond to the room and space suggested by the soundscape.

Today was “the day after”. Everyone felt exhausted. We only did two sessions. During the first one I struggled to create an interesting soundscape and only almost got there by the end. Then we did a session based on the sounds from the Elektropoesia installation again. This time the dancers got a carte blanche to do whatever they felt like. I pressed “go” on the computer and moved somewhere else to see what happened. To me it seemed that the dancers were able to use the room and relate room-wise much better to the sounds than yesterday. That raised new and important questions.

After the end of the session with the dancers I and Per Roar kept discussing. I don’t really know much about dance and there’s obviously a lot that I don’t understand. Still I felt that form was now becoming a big issue. During the improvisation the dancers seemed to search for new material all the time. As soon as they found something interesting they tended to move on to something else never coming back instead of holding on to it and explore it further. The whole of the improvisation felt like a long series of “nows” some of them very interesting other less interesting but with a serious lack of memory or consistence over time. As Per Roar put it the improvisation was to a high degree episodic instead of thematic.


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