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Movement and space III


Picking up from yesterday we started of continuing the discussion I and Per Roar had yesterday. I suppose this is the way this kind of projects often tend to evolve: One improvisation/session/take raise certain issues that are addressed the next time around. That stirs yet new concerns and so on. It’s not necessarily a straight forward or linear progression. It often more feels like approaching the material from different and new angles gradually digging deeper and deeper into it. The discussion felt useful and necsessary and we agreed to do yet another improvisation on the same sounds but this time the dancers would have to limit themselves to work on one or two different sets of material only. The result was electrifying. After a break and discussion we continued on other kinds of improvisations. The main topic now was for me to use sounds that belong in this project and start exploring the possibilities offered by them. The dancers continued working with the same degree of concentration and presence as during the first session.


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