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Loudspeaker fetishism


Loudspeakers used in Oslo this week. We had 8 of them encirling the dance floor. I particularly liked the look of the one in front of the backdrop. It’s clearly stating that it wants to be a prominent part of it all.

From a practical viewpoint the loudspeakers were good working with. Because they are light-weighted and mounted on a standard mic stand they are very easy to move around. A subwoofer was used to enforce the deep frequencies.

Apart from that I have to add: Sometimes you deal with technical staff that really makes life easier for you. Olaf at KHIO is one of them. When I first arrived at KHIO all the gear requested was already set up with all cables required and it took me less then two hours to have it all up and running. The best technicians tend to become transparent to the user but if you’ve been in the game for a while you notice and appreciate it.


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