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Getting rid of Mail?


After some months on Tiger I’m still not impressed by the “improvements” emphasised in marketing. Looking at the top of the Mac OSX web page I realise that I very seldom use Spotlight and much prefered the old Finder system completely avoid Dashboard use Mozilla instead of Safari Skype instead of iChat AV and I quickly gave up on Automator because it didn’t do what it claims (complex scripting made simple). I have no use for a .Mac subscription as the services provided by the BEK server suits me much better and I ***HATE*** Mail. The’s seven out of eight…

The only good thing about Mail is spell checking but the rest makes it the worst mail client I’ve ever experienced. And of course it converted all mail boxes to a proprietary format. Now I might have found a way to escape the trapp once I can spend a few days offline while converting all mail boxes. The emlx to mbox Converter seems able to convert mails to mbox format so that they can be imported in Thunderbird. Might be a proper Christmas cleening project for second half of December.


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