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Acoustics workshop come to an end


Thursday the two week seminar on textiles and acoustics came to an end. In the afternoon me Jon and Tor visited the three student groups to see and discuss their projects and in the evening the students did an open presentation at St. Jacobs kirke. Two of the groups had been working in various rooms in this building while the last one worked in one of the lecture rooms of KHIB in Marken 37.000 At the end of the public presentation Fast Forward currently guest teacher at the Departments of Fine Arts did a permormance playing steel drum. Jeremy Welsh has posted a picture at his brand new blog built from fragments.

To me this have been a very useful experience. I haven’t had a lot of time to blog lately and there are some major topics concerning sound installations and space that preoccupy me at the moment and that I have not had a chance to write anything about so far. But the experience of developing the White-out installation at USF Visningsrommet recently art works I saw at the Lyon biennial (in particular the installations by La Monte Young/Marian Zazeela and by Brian Eno) and this workshop all pull in the same direction: A fundamental questioning of the setting for my works.


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