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Presentation at "forskerskolen"


Today I’ve been in Oslo giving a presentation at Nasjonal forskerskole – tekst bilde lyd og rom a forum for PhD students in humanistic science. Among the other lecturers were Siri Meyer chairman of the board of the Programme for Research Fellowships in the Arts and Tone Hansen who entered the fellowship program at the same time as me. I presented some thoughts on art-based research and development based on my own project for the fellowship.

Later on Jon Bing gave a really interesting talk focusing on the relationship between art culture and technology. E.g. the “Golden Age” of writers in Norway (Ibsen Bjørnson etc.) happened at the same time that the steem engine came into widespread use as well as the invention of paper based on wood. Both were necsessary to be able to produce and transport books at a price that made it afordable to a wider public.


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