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DSPaudio Inc. announces iCE a new set of necessary externals for Max/MSP.

iCE allows users to build composing frameworks data storage and
processing systems and user interfaces for all manner of sequencing
directly within Max/MSP. iCE is the Swiss army knife of sequencing
and it’s stylish too. Use iCE to quickly build your own fully working
sequencer to your own specifications and never touch Logic Cubase or
Pro Tools again. *Note DSPaudio is addressing multi-tracking in the
future so get ready to work entirely in Max/MSP.

iCE 1.000 externals for Mac OS X are:

ice.key -Reports all keystroke information and provides useful features similar objects do not
ice.pump -Message router for developing UI’s
ice.lattice -Read slowly (2x) “The best data storage and retrieval system we’ve ever seen”
ice.mux/demux -Enhanced pack/unpack keeps lists tidy by preserving relative position of list elements -Additional objects under development which deal with issues cool people care about

iCE allows composers to sequence entirely in Max/MSP employing both old
and new paradigms. Embedded sequences (sequencers sequencing other
sequencers) are easy to accomplish “a la” OpenMusic or Vision while
tracker based pattern sequencing is inherent. Creating your own timeline
poetry sequencer or hybrid tracker is now possible with a minimum of

User microtunings charmaps and display modes let you work how you want.

ASCII keyboard control of any composition environment is paramount to
the environments usefulness. Thus we’ve done our best to refine existing
input mechanisms for maximum UI speed. The ICE UI has been under concept
revision and development since 2002 with code diagrams and prototypes
reaching back to 1997.000 Every keystroke has been painfully thought about
several of us now suffer from stigmata.

Impulse Tracker and Fast Tracker 2 fans will find their old keystrokes are
not forgotten and better yet Max’ers who care not about the past can
create their own keyboard maps for all controls.

iCE is being introduced for early adopters at 50% off. Early birds who
purchase now can enjoy this discount and are entitled to a 50%
discount on the next major revision of iCE. We love you.

You can now purchase 3 years of our work in 30 seconds here:

To read more about iCE view help patchers and get specifications:

We designed these tools for our own use and will continue to refine them
both based on our goals and your comments. We hope you’ll join us in
liberating your events.

Best wishes from
Peter Castine Anthony Bisset EPK &amp Jaymz

If you are interested in a windows port email:


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