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Music Technology days in Oslo


I am participating at Musikkteknologidagene at Norges musikkhøgskole today and tomorrow. Various participants from research and educational institutions as well as art organizations meet to present and discuss the current state concerning education research and practice for music technology in Norway.

Below some stray notes from presentations and discussions today.

It all started with a laptop concert. More details at Alexander’s blog.

Jøran Rudi director at NoTAM

Jøran presented an analysis of what the world looks like from their perspective at the moment. According to him NoTAM is changing from being a site for production to become a center of competency. We think very much along the same line concerning BEK.

Alexander Refsum Jensenius

Interesting presentation. At the end he pojnted at some books and resources worth chekking out:

– Leman (2007): Embodied Music Cognition and Mediation
– Miranda &amp Wanderley (2006): New Digital Music Instruments

Kjetil F. Hansen

Kjetil again pointed to SMC: Sound and Music Computing an European initiative to finding a common platform for edacation in the field. Other links worth checking:
Cost Action SID: Sonic Interaction Design – ICO 601

Anders Vinjar freelance composer

Anders talked about the kind of music education he missed as a student in particular emphasizing the need for also learning general programming skills. Anders belong to a hybrid art practice integrating artistic creativity and technical development of custom solutions not unlike how I myself work and think or forming part of the philosophy behind Piksel.

Studios at NMH.

Next Mads Claesson gave a guided tour of the new and impressive facilities for work on music and technology at Musikkhøgskolen. Their solution in three compatible studios set up in a similar fashion is mainly based on state of the art commercial solutions for hardware software and audio formats (stereo and ITU 5:1 surround). I think that it might have been a useful addition for them to set up a lo-fi chaotic and anarchistic hacking lab offering an alternative DIY and media-critical approach.


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