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Research on ambisonics in Trondheim


Always nice when you get to learn from somebody abroad what is going on in your own country…

Nils Peters of McGill mailed me a few days ago to introduce me to Peter Svensson at Department of Electronics and Telecommunications Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

His research areas of interest include electroacoustic reverberation enhancement The MLS technique for impulse response measurements auralization and audio over IP Networks. In June this year he hosted a workshop on 3D audio.

He has also developed ambitools a set of tools for real-time higher order Ambisonics encoding/decoding with a graphical user interface. The applications use JACK
for audio input/output. Ambitools supports supports up to 15th order Ambisonics for 2D surround and up to 4th order for 3D.

Another good reason to try to get to Trondheim for the upcoming Trondheim Matchmaking.


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