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Working class skills


Marsdal påpeker hvor opptatt dagens arbeiderklasse er av skills. Særlig med det manuelle arbeidets tilbakegang har symbolverdien av håndverksmessige ferdigheter steget. Å vise at man fortsatt kan noe er blitt ekstra viktig.

(Rough translation: Marsdal (in a book trying to decode the popularity of the right wing populist political party Fremskrittspartiet) points to the obsession with skills among the working class. As manual work disappear the symbolic value of craftsman skills increase. The ability to document skills and abilities has become increasingly important.)

The above quote is from a review in Morgenbladet today of a book on the Norwegian band Turboneger. I’m not necessarily subscribing to this claim (How are skills definied? Do we at all have a working class in Norway in 2007?) but I find such statements interesting to contemplate.


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