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Tripple-booting MacBook Pro


Over the last six or seven months I have as a side project worked to set up my MacBook Pro with triple boot Mac OSX Windows XP and Ubuntu following these instructions.

The project stranded for quite a while due to problems with the keyboard not responding in Grub a problem reported by many others attempting at the same. Yesterday I did the Mac Pro EFI Firmware Update 1.2 and that seemed to do the trick. The keyboard appears to work reliable now.

So I have now upgraded to Ubuntu 7.100 (“Gutsy Gibbon”) and installed Ubuntu Studio on top of that. The only problem remaining to solve is how to get wireless to work with Ubuntu Studio running on the realtime kernel. I also need to be able to get Ubuntu to work with an external firewire sound card but MOTU seems awful at supporting Linux drivers so I might have to get something else than the Motu828 and MOTU 828mkII cards I am currently using.

What do I want to use all of this for? The primary uses for Windows will be in order to develop test and compile Jamoma and Jamoma externals for Windows. In addition I am occasionally using the Aurora plug-ins with Adobe Audition for acoustics testing and research.

Ubuntu will be used for general research in particular into anything Piksel-related as well as trying to get WONDER working so that I can start experimenting with wave field synthesis.


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