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Contribution to the book "Labor Mülheim"



I have contributed a chapter to the book Labor Mülheim. Künstlerisches Forschen im Feldern zwischen Prekarität und Kreativität, edited by Jürgen Krushe. The book reflects on artistic research projects carried out in Mülheim in the Ruhr region, and is published by Jovis Verlag GmbH.

The book documents and reflects on artistic research projects corrdinated by Zürcher Horchschule der Künste (ZHdK). An extended version of the reflection on the sonozones project has previously been published in Journal for Artistic Research.

Jamoma DSP workshop in Florida



I have arrived in Florida for a one week Jamoma developer workshop focusing on audio processing and the C++ libraries. The workshop is hosted by Nathan Wolek at Stetson University. Yesterday morning we had a soft start with a breakfast at De Leon Springs. One of my goals for this workshop is to get going with using Jamoma DSP code in AudioUnit plugin development targeting multichannel effect processing in Reaper.

SpatDIF export from Zirkonium


At ZKM Chikashi Miyama is busy developing the next version of Zirkonium. In this YouTube video he illustrates how spatial scene descriptions can be authored, exported as SpatDIF and then played back in Max.

Good times ahead!

Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper at MusicTechFest


A few weeks ago I presented Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper at the MusicTechFest Scandi in Umeå, Sweden. The organisers were doing an excellentt job of documenting all of the festival, and here’s my presentation, a crash introduction to the creative workflow that these plugins enable.

A manifesto for musical technologies


The manifesto for musical technologies that came out of a previous MusicTechFest event is a fairly precise analysis of the current state of affairs and where music technology ought to be moving.


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