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The iSight cam I got as a present when resigning from my position at BEK is now working. It requires iChat AV to run which turned out to be impossible to get hold of unless I paid for it or upgraded to Panther. As far as I’m concerned it’s bad business practice not to provide proper drivers afor this kind of hardware.

In order to get iChat AV to run I also had to sign up for a .Mac 60 days trial membership. Apple appearantly want to see if they can rip of even more money. The legal disclaimer when signing up says it all: The free trial program is not subject to Apple’s Privacy Policy.

Anyway it was about time to get the cam working. It might come in handy for The bridge the installation by Jeremy Welsh Jon Arne Modstad and me that is to take place in Christiandsands kunstforening in march this year.

Panther Icons


I’ve just upgraded to Panther. Doing a clean install I hoped I’d be done with some installer problems I’ve experienced lately with e.g. Open Music Jade and TapTools betas. Not so.

Instead I need to get a new authorization code for Max/MSP/Jitter to get it to run again. So at the moment I’ve got nothing better to do than downloading OS X Icons.

Electrolux FloppyFlyer


I’ve just uploaded a 14 sec./140 Kb sound example for the Electrolux FloppyFlyer.

Jeremy Yuille


Jeremy Yuille is a media artist working at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Australia. He is visiting Bergen at the moment and Monday 10.300 he is presenting his own work at Kunstakademiet. I suppose I get the chance to talk to him afterwards. yesterday he was a special guest at the Network lunches coordinated by Jill. I didn’t have the opportunity to join in this time.

Sound in Focus


Jeremy Welsh has announced LYD I FOKUS / SOUND IN FOCUS a two day seminar at The Academyb of Fine Arts in Bergen. I’ve posted the full announcement to BEK_DOT.

I’m going to do a Max/MSP introduction as part of the three week program. The rest of the program seems really interesting as well.


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