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An update of the Max/MSP SDK for writing your own Max 4.100 (OS9) and Max 4.3.1 (OSX) externals was released a few days ago.

Pluggo 3.1000


Pluggo 3.1 for OSX was released a few days ago as well. Pluggo is a set of more than 100 audio plug-ins for Audio Units VST and RTAS.



Kurt has been demoing Auvi to me Jeremy Ellen and Gisle today. It is interesting to see and takes a different approach to video processing than Jitter or SoftVNS although it is depending on Jitter for input and output from/to disk camera and screen.

Gisle also demoed MøB for Kurt.

Blind film


There’s an interesting review of Blind Film at Blind film was a collaboration between Ballongmagasinet NoTAM og NRK. A number of artists was invited to create sound art to be presented in a dark cinema and on radio.

The author points out how different the various artists use the medium. the visual artists seems to have a fairly conceptual approach. All of the works are depending on text and to a certain degree a narrative story. This is a fairly rare phenomena in Norway. On the other hand there’s no-one working on electronic or electroacoustic music allthough God dag madam Reinholdsen god aften frøken Flink by author Jon Øystein Flink og composer Trond Reinholdsen relates to electro-acoustic genres.

I heard God dag madam Reinholdsen god aften frøken Flink on a concert held by NoTAM during Ultima last autumn and that is a really funny piece.

Party Party!


I’m off to BEK to celebrate that the future of BEK is secured.


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