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Commisioned work for Desibel



Saturday last week Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum opened in Førde. For the opening I was commissioned to write a piece for the Desibel horn and brass quintet.


The Desibel horn was made in 2009 for the Vevring festival in 2009 with original music by Maja Ratkje. The credits back then were:

Composer: Maja S. K. Ratkje
Sculpture: Geir Hjetland
Engineering: Bjørn Kolbrek
Producer: Torkil Sandsund og Wenche Wefring
Consultants: Robin Støckert/ Soundscape studios and Harald Fetvedt

Later on Magne Furuholmen (and now me) have made music/sound for the horn.

The brass quintet for the opening of the museum consisted of district musicians from the Sogn og Fjordane county.





As part of BEK duties I have recently developed a custom software and server solution for Lydverkeri (Soundworks) by Ole Hamre.

For the opening of Stavanger Konserthus, Ole Hamre has been commisioned to compose a new work that will be performed outdoor. Soloists are Arve Henriksen (trumpet), Jan Heinke (vocals) and Ståle Storløkken (keyboards). Additionally the city soundscape gets integrated into the music as the musicians are able to play the horns of the veteran boats on the harbor.

When Ole Hamre plays keyboard, custom developed software transmits messages to a server at BEK. At the server the received messages dynamically update a number of web pages. The veteran boats are connected to internet, and monitor these web pages in order to receieve instructions on when to blow the horns.

Lydverkeri can be experienced tonight at 19:00 in Stavanger.

Dialogue and democracy


The love of language in American cinema is fundamentaly a love of oratory, arising from its belief in a democratic system in which everyone can have his or her say.

Michel Chion (2009): Film, a Sound Art.
Columbia University Press

YAMLProj - C++ projects for the rest of us



Over the past spring we have done major under-the-hood changes to how C++ projects are maintained in Jamoma. Instead of needing to maintain parallel Xcode and Visual Studio projects (and potential additional projects for iOS and Linux), we now maintin project using simple YAML text files.

Tim has just posted on how this is done on his blog. It is well worth a read, for Jamoma developers as well as others that might be looking for a simple cross-platform project maintenance solution.

Apple, please don't baby-sit me!



I’m currently testing some audio software, and in the process received a mail with the following statement:

Please note that code-signed audio applications cannot instantiate third-party Audio Units plug-ins that are not code-signed.

This is so lame that it’s difficult to understand how anyone at Apple could even come up with the idea.


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