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SCRIME residency and workshop



As part of a short term residency at SCRIME in Bordeaux, I am currently participating in a three day workshop on ambisonics and field recording. The workshop will be used to test out new ambisonic recording gear at SCRIME, including field recordings and listening sessions, and offers an introduction to how to work with ambisonics in Reaper using the Ambisonic Toolkit.

In addition to the workshop I have also made some good progress on improving the GUIs of a number of decoders. These will be available in the next ATK for Reaper installer.

Ircam 2015


Ircam has posted a video from the fall 2015 Ircam Forum.

It is interesting to observe how the presentation of these kind of events is getting more professional and “awsome”. With the development of similar but independent and possibly commercially based events such as MusicTechFest, I guess there is some kind of competition kicking in here. If it helps getting new ideas and technologies out, I suppose it is a good thing.

Field recording in Birmingham neighbourhood



BEAST:FEaST ended yesterday, and now I’m on my way back to London. Before I left I found the time to do a recording outside the hotel I’ve been staying at.

ATK for Reaper presentation at BEAST:FEaST



I will demonstrate Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper at BEAST: FEaST 2016. The presentation takes place in the Doom Room Saturday 30 April 11.00.

BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre) is the concert sound system of the University of Birmingham’s Electroacoustic Music Studios. It was founded in 1982 by Jonty Harrison, and over the decades since its launch BEAST has become established as one of the leading systems for the presentation of electronic music in the world. BEAST: FEaST 2016 is a three day festival with concerts, installations and presentations.

Trip to London and Birmingham



I’m currently on a short trip to London and Birmingham in UK. Two days ago I visited Ximena Alarcón at CRISAP as a follow up to out session when she visited BEK in February. In the afternoon the two of us did a informal presentation to CRISAP staff.

Yesterday I visited the guys running Call & Response, an independent sonic arts collective that has been setting up a speaker rig for presenting multi-channel music and sound art. Alongside the semi-permanent MULTI rig at Lydgalleriet / Østre this is one of a very few such venues that I now of that exists outside of academia, so it was interesting to see the space, get to know more about their work, and discuss possibilities for exchange and collaborations.

Today I’ve been travelling on to Birmingham for BEAST FEAST, a Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre. I’ll be presenting the Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper plugins Saturday, and I look forward to the many concerts and presentations during the festival.


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