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Six rooms of gloom



This spring I have been assisting the teaching of the compositions students at the Grieg Academy. I have introduced them to the history and aesthetics of electronic music, sound editing and computer-aided composition using OpenMusic. We have emphasised that this should not be conceived as a separate tradition and practise from score-based composing. Similar thinking and approaches can be applicable in both areas, and the experience gained in one or the other field can help develop and liberate the entire compositional and artistic practise. Some of the outcomes by the students will be presented in a concert later today.


Six rooms of gloom – New works by compositions students at the Grieg Academy

Drop In concert
Bergen International Festival
The Grieg Hall – May 29 15:00
Free entrance

A series of new ectro-acoustic works by composition students at the Grieg Academy are presented as part of the Drop In program during the Beren International Festival.

This spring the composition students have been given an introduction to sound editing and computer-aided composition. At this concert, a series of new electro-acoustic works that employ these techniques are presented. The works relates to various genres such as radio montage, sound art, sound design and the use of field recordings.

Equipment for this concert has kindly been provided by BEK – Bergen Center for Electronic Arts.


Erik Håkon Halvorsen (1974)
(dedicated to Rebecka Ahvenniemi)

Ole-Andreas Førde

Morten Brunsberg Refsli (1989)

Aslak B. Hermstad, (1995)
El Aaiún, E6. Oslo

Tor Anders Eri (1991)
Shards from Last Night

Kari Telstad Sundet (1987)
Memory Leak (Melting – Sinking – Snowbound)

Jamoma 0.6.0-a46


A new alpha release of Jamoma package for Max is now available. This new release (0.6.0-a46) includes all of the development that has happened over the past 6 months.


One important change with this version is that j.parameter, j.message and j.return now supports using dataspace units and rampings at the same time. Check out the help file for j.parameter for further details.



There is a urgent need to rethink how we understand and relate to the present and the future by moving away both from the naive optimism central to the inception of modernity and from the nostalgic melancholia of the postmodern. At a time when the arts and humanities are under attack, seen as “luxury disciplines” not worth investing in by right-wing governments across the Western world, there is a pressing need to reinvent new modalities of though that can be developed within these very subjects. Hypercapitalism promises but does not deliver novelty, innovation, and preemption, particularly to specific strands of society. These concepts, however, in the hands of artists and theoreticians, can become powerful research tools with which to alter the decaying landscape.

Eleni Ikoniadou,
in The Rhytmic Event. Art, Media and the Sonic.
MIT Press 2014



Culture is the condition that excludes a mentality capable of measuring it.

Theodor Adorno


AppleScript for fullscreen video in QuickTime 10



When God invented programming, the devil came up with AppleScript.

I have just been setting up two macs to play QuickTime movies fullscreen for an exhibition opening tonight at 3,14. I am using AppleScripts to ensure that video playback starts once the computer is booted, and that video plays back in fullscreen with looping.

The AppleScript I blogged some years ago works just fine on one of the Macs, but on the other one the movie refuses to loop and go fullscreen. This is with the same script, and same version of QuickTime.

Having googled around for quite a while, trying different variations on AppleScript syntaxes for QT 7 and QT 10, I finally found the scripts that bijazzard has posted to GitHub. His script for QT 7 is the exact same as mine, but his script for QT 10 saved the day.

I’ve uploaded the script here in order to make sure I have it for the next rainy day.


Update 2015-11-30

New OSX versions equals new problems and more band aids. Here’s an updated version that currently works with OSX 10.11 El Capitan. I had problems with the delay command not working properly, and resolved this by controlling the delay via a shell command, as discussed in this StackExchange discussion.


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