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Verdensteatret: Tsalal (2001-03)

Works for stage

In May 2001 the company traveled from Kiev via Odessa and crossed the Black Sea to Istanbul. This journey is the background for the new production. Much of the material collected through this journey, in the shape of video- and sound recordings, pictures and recollections are forming the landscape – a kind of after-landscape, after the storm – of TSALAL.

Excerpt from Tsalal

One of the main “themes” is the exploring of the auditive dimention, crossing the borders between pure sound and meaningful language.

This is mainly achieved by advanced real-time processing of the performers voices. The audible effects on their voices encapsulates the whole specter; from mild forms of distortion to total transformation. These processes are in part controlled by the actors, in part by a computer-technician.

The performance can be experienced as a musical composition or as a “3-dimensional painting”, or both at the same time.

Stage production by Asle Nilsen, Hakon Lindback, Lisbeth J. Bodd, Lars Øyno, Per Flink Basse, Mara Oldenburg, Ali Djabbary, Ulf Knudsen, Hans T. Zeiner-Henriksen ,Reinert Mithassel, Petter Steen, Marius Kjos, Øyvind Borgemoen, Kenneth K. Langås, Anti Bjørn, Trond Lossius, Morten Pettersen, Ken Theodorsen, Cathrine Bjørndalen og Cecilie Lindeman Steen.

Performed at Høstutstillingen (2001), Black Box (2002), DIGI Art Festival Aarhus (2002), Ultima (2002), Magma 2002 Berlin, Haugesund Teater (2003) Bastard-festivalen v. Avant Garden (2003), BiT Teatergarasjen during Autunnale (2003), Reykjarvik (2003), Beograd (2003).

Nominated to the Norwegian stage award Hedda “Åpen klasse” 2002. Rewarded the Telenor “Grenseløs kommunikasjon” Cultural Prize 2003.



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