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MUU FOR EARS 9 - Collection of Finnish and Norwegian Sound Art and Experimental Music



A stereo version of the sound for the 2011 installation Lines Converging at a Distance at Håkonshallen is featured at the CD MUU FOR EARS 9, published by MUU Artists Association in Finland.

Borealis Extreme

Music . Other projects


What happens to a musician’s brain when under duress? For the Borealis Avgarde Extreme event Le Jury (Ricardo Odriozola, Einar Røttingen, Jostein Stalheim) improvised non-stop for 12 hours, during which the activity of their brains was monitored by researchers from Bergen University. The data was displayed to the public, as well as being used by electronic media artist Trond Lossius to create a live visual display.

Cracker (2003)

Music . Works for stage


Cracker is a framework for improvisation using sensors and digital processing of audio and video to create a network of opportunities for interaction between the artists. The result is a complex fabric of sound, dance and video, with several layers and parallel dimensions in time and space.

Hacker (2003)

Music . Works for stage


Sensors and digital processing of audio create new and surprising links between the music and dance in a performance with references to computer games.

Texture III (1998-99)

Installations . Music


Sound installation. The work has never been presented in public.


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