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Works for stage

Cracker (2003)

Music . Works for stage


Cracker is a framework for improvisation using sensors and digital processing of audio and video to create a network of opportunities for interaction between the artists. The result is a complex fabric of sound, dance and video, with several layers and parallel dimensions in time and space.

Hacker (2003)

Music . Works for stage


Sensors and digital processing of audio create new and surprising links between the music and dance in a performance with references to computer games.

Verdensteatret: Tsalal (2001-03)

Works for stage


In May 2001 the company traveled from Kiev via Odessa and crossed the Black Sea to Istanbul. This journey is the background for the new production. Much of the material collected through this journey, in the shape of video- and sound recordings, pictures and recollections are forming the landscape – a kind of after-landscape, after the storm – of TSALAL.


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