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Artistic works and projects

Erotogod (2001-03)



An interactive audiovisual and sensoric installation by Stahl Stensli, Knut Mork Skagen, Asbjørn Flø and Trond Lossius. The spectator enters an alter, dressed in an interactive suit, and controls 3D video with text and sound spatialized using 16 channels.

Norway Remixed (2002)



Field recordings recorded or streamed live by NRK, Norwegian National Broadcasting, from all regions of Norway formed the raw material of an interactive installation at the central railway station in Oslo. A number of parabolic loudspeakers guided the audience towards a custom designed room where they could interact with remixed and processed versions of the field recordings. The processed sounds where spatialized in 3D using 24 loudspeakers.

Verdensteatret: Tsalal (2001-03)

Works for stage


In May 2001 the company traveled from Kiev via Odessa and crossed the Black Sea to Istanbul. This journey is the background for the new production. Much of the material collected through this journey, in the shape of video- and sound recordings, pictures and recollections are forming the landscape – a kind of after-landscape, after the storm – of TSALAL.

Ekkofisk (2000-01)



An installation by Reinert Mithassel and Trond Lossius.

Two web cams tracks the 3D position of two gold fishes in an aquarium, and use the data to generate sound. When the fishes are in the vicinity of each other, they sing. When they move away, distant bells are heard.

Motlyd (2001)



Installation by Trond Lossius and Maia Urstad. Visningsrommet USF, Bergen, as part of the Motlyd festival 2001.


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