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Artistic works and projects

At the Zoo (2010)

Other projects


Karen Kipphoff and Trond Lossius collaborates on a videowork that is to be presented at the ICCI 360 panoramic video festival in Plymouth (UK) September 2010. The work is titled “At the Zoo”. It’s an anthropomorphic composition that uses pattern and montaged, abstract sound based on the French tradition of acousmatic music.

Shake the Tree

Other projects


SHAKE THE TREE by Maria Udd and Stine Karlsen was commissioned as a public art work for Nordahl Grieg Videregående Skole, opened in 2010.

Architectures by Link Signatur AS. Ingrid Berven and Trond Lossius served as artistic consultants for the public art commission, with a total budget of NOK 2.000.000.

Ghost architectures (2010)

Other projects


An audio-visual performance by Jeremy Welsh and Trond Lossius, based on material recorded around the sites of WWII German fortifications on islands off the west coast of Norway, near Bergen.

The work was presented at the 6th International Conference on Small Island Cultures Guernsey, June 22 – 25 2010.

Imploding Spaces (2008)



A site-specific sound installation at Fjell Festing, a 2nd World War German fortification west of Bergen, built to secure the entrance to Bergen.

The fortress supported a main gun turret with a range of 37 km, with a network of tunnels three kilometers long on the surface and in the mountains. It was mainly built by Russian prisoners of war.

Floating Characters (2007)

Works for stage


FLOATING CHARACTERS, directed by Karen Kipphoff, explores the borders of screen, digital media and live art during performances utilizing puppets, objects, actors, text, audio and visual media.

It is inspired by Bunraku theatre, video games, slapstick, panoramic experiences and the text “A Certain Number of Conversations” by Alexander Vvedenskij.


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