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Artistic works and projects

Trickster (2005)



By Andrea Sunder-Plassmann and Trond Lossius.

The trickster is an important archetype in the history of man who rebels against authority, pokes fun at the serious…He exists to question & not accept things blindly…We seem most accessible to the gifts of the Trickster when we ourselves are at or near boundaries or are experiencing transition. As an archetype, the Trickster, the boundary dweller, finds expression through human imagination and experience

...different from the one you are in now... (2004)

Other projects


A reading of sound from works by Alvin Lucier, caused by layering of sound played back in multiple tabs of a web browser.

Elektropoesia (2004)



Audio-visual installation by Trond Lossius and Kurt Ralske at Electrohype, Malmö konsthall, 2004-05

Elektropoesia investigates relationships between sound and video, creating a combined artistic expression with both layers being of equal importance.

Soundtracks (2004)



Interactive installation by Asbjørn Blokkum Flø & Trond Lossius in the crypt of Norsk Form as part of Ultima, Oslo Contemporary Music Festival.

SOUNDTRACKS investigates technological failures as artistic material. The installation processes and deconstructs the sound of digital glitches, sound generated during computer crashes and cheap lo-fi speakers pressed to and beyond their limits.

LMW - A Can of Stellar Stripes and other Vessels (2004)



Installation of paintings, video, light, objects and sound, by Jon Arne Mogstad, Jeremy Welsh and myself.

Trondhjems kunstforening 2004.


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